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ARISA is a EU funded project to investigate the consequences to people's personal lives when accused in committing a crime.

ARISA explores what happens to a person suspected of or charged with a criminal offence. Anyone accused of doing something wrong is supposed to be innocent unless otherwise is proven in court. In practice, however, people accused of committing a crime often suffer the negative consequences of this crime even before the court decides on their guilt. As a result of the criminal investigation, suspects can lose their job, family, social standing and many more. Last but not least, the participation in the investigation itself may lead in additional expenses in terms of both time and money.

In this context, ARISA’s goal is to identify all these factors, explore their harmful impact on the suspects and accused, and enable authorities to reduce this impact without affecting the investigation. 

ARISA’s website allows you to find all the information about the project in one place, stay updated on new developments, download publications in several languages or get in contact with the project team.