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Crime suspects and the legality of media parade in Nigeria

In this article is tackled the question of the legality or otherwise of revealing the identity of suspects through media parade, prior to when the suspect is charged with a crime in court. Its focus is on the legal system of Nigeria. It claims that suspects of crime and criminality suffer character assassination, while being paraded before […]

ARISA Newsletter #3

The new ARISA Newsletter is a periodic bulletin offering information on recent developments related to the media coverage of criminal cases and its impact on suspects and accused persons. The third issue of the newsletter presents the compilation of twelve criminal cases examined by the ARISA-2 team with the aim to explore to what extent […]

Media Trial: Prejudicing the Rights of the Parties in Criminal Cases

Barrister Ahmed Ehsanul Kabir, Assistant Professor in the Department of Law at Jagannath University, examined the reasonable limitations to the freedom of the press in relation to criminal justice. He claimed that although the freedom of press does not allow the mass media to conduct the trial of a case, it has been constantly accused of […]