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Rising Youth Crime Concerns Grip Sweden

In Örebro, Sweden, illegal firearm accessibility has escalated to the point where most high-risk youth involved in criminal activities could obtain one within a day, according to social workers. As the drug trade enlists even younger children, some as young as 10, the use of firearms among them in deadly conflicts is on the rise. […]

How European authorities want to tackle child hacking

Countries in Europe are looking into new ways to address underage hacking, increasingly favouring rehabilitation and prevention programmes. With many nation states uneasy about sending often naive offenders to prison, many countries are now turning to rehabilitation and prevention. Crime agencies and police forces across Europe are setting up schemes to guide young offenders towards […]

Queensland passes controversial youth crime laws after heated human rights debate

The Queensland government’s controversial youth crime laws have been passed in parliament despite strong opposition by human rights advocates and experts who warn they are ineffective and will result in more children incarcerated. The laws include overriding the state’s Human Rights Act to make breach of bail an offence for children. They will also expand […]

ARISA CHILD Newsletter #1

  The ARISA CHILD Newsletter is a periodic bulletin offering information on recent developments related to capacity-building of prison and probation staff working with convicted children. The March issue presents the kick-off meeting in which representatives of the partner organisations gathered together to mark the official start of the initiative and to discuss its future […]

FRA issues a report on the procedural safeguards to juvenile suspects and accused

In June 2022, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) issued the report “Children as suspects or accused persons in criminal proceedings — procedural safeguards”. It draws on practitioners’ and children’s experiences of how the Directive (EU) 2016/800is applied in practice. The findings will support authorities and policymakers across the EU in gaining a […]

ARISA Child was officially launched, 18 November 2022

ARISA Child was officially kicked off on 7 November in Sofia, Bulgaria. Its goal is to enhance the capacity of correctional services to work with convicted children. ARISA Child will be implemented from 1st November 2022 to 31st May 2025. Representatives of the partner organisations gathered together to mark the official start of the project. ARISA […]