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ARISA Child at LexTalks 2023 in Sofia, Bulgaria

The ARISA Child project took the spotlight at LexTalks 2023, one of the premier forums dedicated to children’s rights in Bulgaria. The event was held on 30 November 2023 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was organised by the National Network for Children, the largest alliance of civil society organisations, activists and supporters, working to promote, protect and […]

ARISA CHILD Newsletter #2

  The ARISA CHILD Newsletter is a periodic bulletin offering information on recent developments related to capacity-building of prison and probation staff working with convicted children. The October issue presents the Experience Exchange Visit in Lisbon, Portugal which brought together professionals from all over Europe, working in the field of juvenile correctional services and criminal justice. The newsletter […]

ARISA Child at the ICPA International Conference in Antwerp, Belgium

The ARISA Child project took center stage at the Annual Conference of the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA), held in Antwerp, Belgium, from October 22-27. The ICPA Annual Conference 2023, themed “Humane Corrections: What more can we do”, brought together over 800 delegates, including heads of service, policy-makers, researchers, corrections practitioners, academics, lawyers, and […]

Experience Exchange Visit to Italy

ARISA CHILD held an Experience Exchange Visit in Rome, Italy, on October 11th and 12th, 2023. The event brought together 20 professionals, working in the field of juvenile justice from Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Italy. Organised by the Associazione Antigone, the overarching objective of the visit was to cultivate the proficiency of all participants […]

Experience Exchange Visit to Portugal

ARISA CHILD held an Experience Exchange Visit held in Lisbon, Portugal, on September 12th and 13th, 2023. Organised by IPS Innovative Prison Systems, the event brought together 16 partners and professionals from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, and Portugal, all committed to sharing best practices and increasing the knowledge of justice services professionals when it comes to […]

Rise in Juvenile Offenses Surfaces in Spain

Spain’s State Attorney General’s Office has released an alarming report highlighting a concerning surge in crimes committed by young people, raising heavy concerns about the need for better education and stricter regulation of youth access to weapons. The report emphasises a 45% increase in sexual aggression charges in 2022, with a notable rise in attacks […]

Italy Passes Law Facilitating the Arrest of Children as Young as 14

The Italian government has recently approved a law aimed at curbing juvenile crime, particularly in response to high-profile cases involving teen gangs. The law, named after the crime-infested suburb of Caivano in Naples, grants authorities the power to arrest and imprison children as young as 14, especially in cases that involve weapons or drugs. Additionally, […]

Italian Government Introduced Urgent Measures to Combat Juvenile Delinquency

In response to a series of disturbing incidents involving youth, Italian Prime Minister has implemented urgent measures to combat juvenile delinquency, distress among young people, and inadequate educational facilities. The government’s strategy includes bolstering urban police forces to restore law and order, particularly in areas affected by violence. Emphasising education and prevention, the plan focuses […]

Rising Youth Crime Concerns Grip Sweden

In Örebro, Sweden, illegal firearm accessibility has escalated to the point where most high-risk youth involved in criminal activities could obtain one within a day, according to social workers. As the drug trade enlists even younger children, some as young as 10, the use of firearms among them in deadly conflicts is on the rise. […]

Alarming Surge in Sexual Attacks by Minors in Spain

Spain has experienced a concerning surge in sexual crimes involving minors, sparking public outrage and calls for action. Experts emphasise the growing influence of easily accessible online pornography, shaping young minds and normalising violent behaviour. The age of first exposure to explicit content is decreasing, with 15% to 20% of eight- to nine-year-olds admitting to […]