The ECHR rules a breach of the right of innocence in the case Ürfi Çetinkaya v. Turkey

The applicant, Ürfi Çetinkaya, is a Turkish national who was born in 1949 and lives in Kocaeli (Turkey). In March 2003 Mr Çetinkaya was accused by an informer of having spearheaded an international heroin-trafficking network since his release from custody on medical grounds. Accordingly, the Istanbul public prosecutor’s office decided to open a judicial investigation into drug trafficking by an organised gang. On 5 November 2003, following a telephone-tapping and surveillance operation concerning Mr Çetinkaya, the Istanbul drugs squad seized more than half a tonne of heroin. Officers from the drugs squad arrested the applicant the same day. On 9 November 2003 he appeared before a judge and was remanded in custody.


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