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are prosecuted every year in the EU.
Many of them are never found guilty.

Our goal is to enhance the presumption of innocence in criminal proceedings and minimise, as much as possible, the negative impact of investigations on the lives of suspects and accused.

Presumption of innocence

Everyone who has been charged shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law

Impact of investigation

Proceedings should not affect the lives of suspects and accused beyond what is necessary for the proper investigation of the crime

Damage control

Police and justice authorities should be able to assess and minimise the harmful impact of investigations on the lives of suspects and accused

People about the presumption of innocence

The right to a fair trial is a fundamental right and must be respected in practice everywhere in Europe. Today, there are still some disparities in the protection of the presumption of innocence across the EU. Before the verdict, anyone accused should be protected by the presumption of innocence. A fair trial also requires suspects to benefit from the right to remain silent and to be present at their trial. This will help build a true European Area of Justice and Fundamental Rights based on mutual trust. 

Commissioner Vĕra Jourová,
EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality