Rise in Juvenile Offenses Surfaces in Spain

Spain’s State Attorney General’s Office has released an alarming report highlighting a concerning surge in crimes committed by young people, raising heavy concerns about the need for better education and stricter regulation of youth access to weapons. The report emphasises a 45% increase in sexual aggression charges in 2022, with a notable rise in attacks on sexual freedom by young men. Attorneys across Spain have stressed the importance of limiting youths’ exposure to violent content to prevent distorted perceptions of normal relationships.

Moreover, the report identifies a rise in inter-family violence, cyber-bullying, and a 15% uptick in youth-perpetrated homicides. The surge in crimes is attributed to the proliferation of violent and identity-based youth groups and gangs, not only in cities but also in smaller towns. The report points out incidents like street fights in Malaga, highlighting the lack of ethical values in certain youth segments.

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