Alarming Surge in Sexual Attacks by Minors in Spain

Spain has experienced a concerning surge in sexual crimes involving minors, sparking public outrage and calls for action. Experts emphasise the growing influence of easily accessible online pornography, shaping young minds and normalising violent behaviour. The age of first exposure to explicit content is decreasing, with 15% to 20% of eight- to nine-year-olds admitting to having watched online porn. Such exposure, experts warn, hampers healthy relationships and contributes to group assaults often filmed and shared online. While some advocate lowering the age of criminal responsibility, specialists argue for a comprehensive approach including improved sexual education and parental controls. Countries like France are already exploring digital age verification systems for online content. A holistic strategy, addressing both legal and educational fronts, is crucial in mitigating this complex issue and fostering a safer environment for young individuals in Spain.

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