ARISA Child at the ICPA International Conference in Antwerp, Belgium

The ARISA Child project took center stage at the Annual Conference of the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA), held in Antwerp, Belgium, from October 22-27. The ICPA Annual Conference 2023, themed “Humane Corrections: What more can we do”, brought together over 800 delegates, including heads of service, policy-makers, researchers, corrections practitioners, academics, lawyers, and other stakeholders involved in the field of corrections. Professionals from diverse countries convened to exchange insights, foster mutual learning, and explore innovative ideas to enhance the quality of corrections.

The ARISA Child partnership was represented by the Innovative Prison Systems (IPS). Claire Machan, the Coordinator of the Rehabilitation, Reintegration & Community Portfolio at IPS, delivered a comprehensive presentation on the ARISA Child project. Machan shared preliminary findings from the ongoing research, shedding light on the specifics of juvenile justice systems and the needs assessment for training prison and probation staff working with juveniles across ten European countries. The project’s upcoming publication will feature a detailed comparative analysis, accompanied by a Policy Brief containing specific recommendations for the relevant public authorities.

 Claire Machan’s presentation.