Italian Government Introduced Urgent Measures to Combat Juvenile Delinquency

In response to a series of disturbing incidents involving youth, Italian Prime Minister has implemented urgent measures to combat juvenile delinquency, distress among young people, and inadequate educational facilities. The government’s strategy includes bolstering urban police forces to restore law and order, particularly in areas affected by violence. Emphasising education and prevention, the plan focuses on investing in sports facilities in deprived regions, re-education programs involving socially useful work, and community service initiatives.

A key component of the government’s approach involves intervention at an early stage. Juveniles as young as 14 can now be subject to a warning procedure, holding the juvenile and their parents accountable for offences. The proposed measures also address the shortcomings in Italy’s education system, allocating funds to prevent school dropouts and providing additional resources to schools, particularly in southern Italy. Notably, parents could face imprisonment for up to two years if their child fails to attend compulsory schooling without a valid reason.

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